Nahamani volunteers to help The Be You Program, a girl's empowerment group started by her daughter in 2010.  The Be You Program helps school-aged girls become active members of the community.  Nahamani's role as Volunteer Coordinator allows the girls to be a part of the community in which they live and play.

Giving Back

In The Community

Nahamani is one of the founding members of HERTime Women's Entertainment and Social Club.  She serves as the Director of Support Services for HERTime S.O.S. (Support Our Sisters).  

Each month, Nahamani host networking events to help support women-owned businesses.  At each networking event a special guest of honor is selected to share her story with the women of HERTime.  


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Thanks for all of your hard work.  We at the House of Yisrael Really appreciate all of the extra effort you put into updating our site.


Mordecai Yisrael

Nahamani Yisrael is a Cincinnati native.  She graduated Cum Laude from Xavier University, where she studied Business Management.  She also has an associate’s degree from Cincinnati State Technical and Community College where she studied Computer Programming and Pre-Business Administration. 

Nahamani has worked in several financial institutions and with a wide variety of business and community leaders on various volunteer and community outreach projects.  In her spare time Nahamani is the volunteer webmaster for her religious organization.  She enjoys spending time with family and being outdoors.  She is an avid swimmer and has newly taken on running.  She completed her first 5K in March 2014.

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About Nahamani is a Cincinnati-based management consulting firm.  We created as a community resource to help meet the needs of the business and non-profit communities.  Our goal is to make the World Wide Web a better place.  A place where businesses thrive and new connections result in new business opportunities. 

Our success is determined by the success of our clientele.  Therefore we will do everything possible to spread the word and promote your business both online and offline. 

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