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As in all other aspects of business, failure to plan an organizational change is equivalent to planning for the change to fail.  Fortunately, you do not have to take on the change alone, our consultants are here to help you manage organizational change and help your business or non-profit organization reach its desired future.  Contact us today to schedule a one-on-one consultation. 

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We offer organizational development consulting services to business enterprises and non-profit organizations.  We can help your organization manage change and prepare for a major overhaul to minimize the impact that changes in the industry have on the sustainability of your firm.  

The first step to managing organization development is to determine your organization's current position and identify market opportunities that currently exist.  It is important that you engage key stakeholders, especially those most likely impacted by the proposed change, in the planning and implementation of the organizational change.  It is imperative that the leadership team openly communicate the vision of the firm and how the change will impact each stakeholder group. 

We can help your firm with organization change by:

1) Diagnose the current Performance Gap - the difference between the organization’s goals/objectives and the current situation. 

2) We meet with Key Stakeholders and incorporate their point of view in the overall strategy for the upcoming change. 

3) We  then conduct a SWOT analysis and Environmental Scan of the internal and external environment. 

4) We create a  comprehensive Strategic Plan that provide direction for the leadership team throughout the implementation stage. 

5) Work with leadership to Institutionalize the organizational change by making adjustments in the overall culture of the firm.

6) Ongoing Monitoring for any environmental shifts that may result from said change. 

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